Description of Menus and In-Game Utilities


The utilities specified below are invoked at the console. Simply type the command specified and the utility will execute.

  • notepad
    This is a basic text editor. It can be used to edit documents while in the game. If no filename is specified, then an empty file will be created. You will have to specify a filename the first time you try to save the file.

  • editscript
    This is a shortcut for notepad. It will load the script for the currently loaded map.

  • maplist
    This dialog box opens up a listing of the maps directory. Double clicking on a map will load the map. Double clicking on a directory name will traverse into that directory and show the maps there.

  • soundpicker
    This dialog box is similar to the maplist command, but it is used for playing sounds.


Menus are invoked a couple of different ways. The command

will push the menu specified onto the stack of menus. The command

will toggle the menu that is specified (i.e. if it’s open, it will be close, and if it’s closed it will be opened).

Most level designers/artists bind the command to a function key. For example:

All the menus in the ui directory are loaded when the game is started. To see a list of all the menus that are available type ‘listmenus’ at the console.

Here is a list and description of the menus that are currently used in Heavy Metal FAKK2:

  • animate2
    This is used to control the animation of the current viewspawn. To use this menu, first you must viewspawn a model (i.e. viewspawn julie.tik). The controls will allow you to advance the animation/frame/etc… There is also a scale control that you can use to try out different scales on the object. If you have more than one viewspawned model, you can use the viewthingprev and viewthingnext buttons to get to the one you want.

  • Camera
    This menu is used for placing camera points for use with cinematics. See the Camera document for more information.

  • GameCamera
    This menu is used to tweak the values of the in game 3rd person camera.

  • zound
    This menu is used for placing sound effects and triggers in the game. Please see the Zound document for more information.

  • LevelDesign
    This menu has a bunch of controls that are useful for level designers. They are pretty much just shortcuts to cvars and console commands.

  • phooks
    This is another level designer menu that is very similar to the LevelDesign menu above.

  • emitter & emitter2
    These menus are used to control the test emitter which is used for creating particle effects systems. Please refer to the Ghost document for more information.