#include "maps/global_scripts/global_common.scr"


Loads out the player in terms of weapons, ammo, and viewmodes depending upon if the player typed the map command, or if they're playing through the single player game .

How To Use

After the waitForPlayer, in the level script, call the AssignWeapons function, passing the level's map name as a string. The key to this is the '-' dash in the middle of the map name must be changed to an '_' underscore. For example, 'm1l1a-borg_sphere' needs to be changed to 'm1l1a_borg_sphere'.

External Functions:

globalLoadout_AssignWeapons( strLevelName )

Runs the set loadout routine for the passed in level

  • strLevelName - string, pass a string into this function that is the converted map name as mentioned above