global script synopsis

Here you can find the documentation for most of the global scripts contained in Ritual's ÜberTools for Quake III v4.0:

Each document is divided into several subsections. You can find the subsections along with their descriptions below:


These are other global scripts that you must #include within your levels script in order for this global script to work. You have to make sure these include lines appear before any function you use within this global script.


A brief description of what the functions of this global script perform.

How To Use

A brief description of how to use this global script.

External Functions

These are the functions that you can call from this global script.

  • Purpose
    The purpose of this function.
  • Returns
    If the function returns a value back, lists the return variable type and description of what it returns.
  • Parms
    T he parameters that you have to pass into the function. You have to pass all functions in order for the script to compile. The description of the parm is:
    • Parameter Name
      T he variable type, description of what that parameter is for.